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"Over 42,000 children and young people throughout Queensland and Northern NSW have either directly or indirectly benefitted from

New Beginnings Programs to date!"

New Beginnings Junior Camps

Over 380 young people referred by schools, indigenous and

migrant/refugee organisations from the Gold Coast, Brisbane

and Sunshine Coast regions have attended our 'New Beginnings'

youth camps.

The camps are aimed at prevention of anti-social behaviour

in young people aged 10 to 14, and focus on re-building

self-esteem, basics of ecology/conservation and gaining an 

understanding of the principles and values of community,

communication, cooperation and leadership. 


Feedback received from Principals, Guidance Officers,

Parents and the Children themselves has been most

encouraging. We have received numerous reports

post-camp of attendees who subsequently became

school leaders, have gone on to tertiary studies, 

or excelled in other aspects of their lives.


Camp Attendee Comment: The camps have helped me to ... 'Have a better respect for people'

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New Beginnings Senior Camps


Participants at each Junior Camp are eligible to be nominated to participate in a senior level camp. Senior Camps are conducted periodically, and provide particiants with a higher level of knowledge and life skills. Outcomes so far have been excellent with a number of participants becoming involved in community work or service-orientated careers. 

'Way of Community' - In-school Workshops


Our workshops are aimed at the slighly younger age group

of 8 to 10 years of age. They are, however, based on the

same principles of community, and community values, that

form the core of our New Beginnings Camps. In a way, this

can be viewed as a precursor to the camps. Between 2012

and 2018, over 5,200 students from state schools

Queensland-wide have attended our Way of Community

workshops. The feedback received from teachers and

principals has been overwhelmingly supportive.

Principal's Testimonial: The program was a positive & practical complement to our school’s 

Responsible Behaviour Plan.

The activities assisted our ongoing efforts to develop student knowledge & understanding regarding 

the building of positive relationships. Our sincere thanks for providing this special opportunity.

- C. A. Barron, Principal

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