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Australians are the first to contribute when disaster strikes. However, there is a perception that there is no disadvantage in Australia. Sadly, many young people find themselves in circumstances arising from challenging backgrounds (marriage breakdowns, family violence, financial difficulties, parental involvement in crime or drug-taking, ADHD, learning difficulties, social adjustment problems).

Our programs provide Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) solutions. School principals, school counsellors, and senior staff from other community organisations refer young people to us before they get onto 'the wrong track in life'. Our programs provide participants with an understanding of Community Values, ensure that they are aware of their Responsibilities as part of Community, and provide Life Skills that allow them to become engaged, contributing members of their Communities.

Latest News

November 2020

​New Beginnings new Youth Marine Conservation Programs Levels 1, 2 and 3 have commenced under a Federal Government CEP Grant for children referred from state schools in the Moncrieff Electorate, and will continue until end June 2021.


July 2017

​New Beginnings - Finalist 2017 Telstra Business Awards - Charities Categ.

October 2015

  • ​New Beginnings - City of Gold Coast 2015 - Safer Suburbs Award.

  • Founding President Ben Brauer - Finalist at the Queensland Regional Achievement & Community Awards.

New Beginnings Youth Camp - Overview

Video images provided with the permission of parents/guardians.

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new beginnings
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The smiles and positive values we bring into young people's lives are what keeps us motivated.

Prevention is better than Cure!

For every $2 you donate, we provide $8 in services through our volunteer in-kind contribution.

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