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New Beginnings Programs deliver true early intervention with focus on ages 8 to 14, while the majority of other organisations focus on young people age 15 and older. Studies have shown 8 to 14 to be the most effective age for creating meaningful and positive change in a young person's live.

Our programs are aimed at achieving a decrease in youth anti-social behaviour (i.e. youth crime, vandalism, bullying, etc.) in disadvantaged and at-risk young people. Program participants gain new strengths that enable them to cope more easily with problems, improve their self-esteem, and become engaged and valuable members of their communities. A significant part of our work is directed at giving young people a solid understanding of community values and the importance of conservation. 

Over 75% of program participants have shown a significant increase in leadership ability.


Impact: Saving the community $70 million each year


Each young person in the Juvenile Justice System costs taxpayers $241,000 per annum. By acting before it is too late, New Beginnings Programs create savings of up to $6.4 million per annum for state government. Adding to that are direct savings to community via decreases in youth crime, vandalism, bullying and the effects of other forms of anti-social behaviour estimated at an additional $65 million per annum.



Our organisation is run almost entirely by highly qualified volunteers. This means that our operational costs are far lower than most other charities. However, we do need funds to cover minimal administration costs, insurances, equipment & supplies for youth camps and expense reimbursements for program volunteers.


Where your money goes


  • 88 cents out of every $1 is invested in programs that help young people to improve their lives.

  • The other 12 cents goes towards covering our compulsory insurances, volunteer travel, office costs, stationery and office consumables.

This video gives an insight into the important work we do in preventing young people from becoming involved in anti-social behaviour at a young age, improve their self-worth and become contributing members of their communities.

Our mission is to help them to overcome the challenges they face and to provide them with skills that become a

'Tool Kit for Life'.

Every donation assists us in our work to create positive change in the lives of our most disadvantaged young people and to create safer, more inclusive communities

All donations of $2 or above are Tax Deductible


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