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We are privileged to have very dedicated staff/volunteers assisting us, both with our youth programs, and in our administration office.

Our youth camp staff all have current Child Safety (Blue) Cards, and collectively have a wide range of professional qualifications, as well as extensive experience relevant to our work. This includes:

  • Community Welfare & Counselling

  • Senior First Aid Certificate

  • Masters in Teaching, Acting Deputy Principal

  • International Business Strategy

  • Marketing (Australian Institute of Management)

  • Horticulture

  • Officer Youth Detention Centre

  • Accounting

The majority of our staff/volunteers have been with us long-term and fully understand the background and nature of our programs.


Quoting one of our Youth Camp Participants, "Some of the volunteers at camp have really interesting life stories". Their stories carry important life lessons that only come from personal experience of overcoming difficult life challenges.


At the camps, we all work as a team. One of our aims is to show young people how a caring, connected community functions. From feedback received thus far from school principals and other referring parties, this aim has been achieved!


Part of our philosophy is to also assist young people engaged in tertiary studies to gain experience, both in administration and the general functions involved in a non-profit organisation like ours. Every year we engage a number of University students, either as medium-term volunteers, or on short-term internships. All have benefitted from their time with us, having experienced the reality of life in a real business environment and the challenges we face on a day-to-day basis in keeping our non-profit organisation running.

new beginnings_staff volunteer

New Beginnings Camp Staff/Volunteers

new beginnings office

Administration Office Staff

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